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What do you know!  I was just about to mail you, but you beat me to it.   「What do you know!」と言うのは「あなたが分かってることは何?」とかの意味じゃなくて、「たまたまだね」や「まさか!」の意味です。「What are the chances!」と言う表現と同じです。 また、 beat someone to it は、人より先手を打つという意味です。 その人より先に言おうと思ったのに、先を越されて言われてしまったときなどにも使えます。( It means someone has managed to do something before you had the chance to. ) Ex. I was going to say that, but you just beat me to it.


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相手の話を聞き取れない際にこちらの表現を使う事ができます。 Sorry, could you say that again, please? I’m sorry, could you repeat that, please? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear what you said. Could you say that one more time? I didn’t catch what you said. Could you say that again, please? Would you mind repeating that? please say it one more time. please say it once more. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. 下の表現も言えますが、この二つは前者と比べればそれほど使いません。 Excuse me? Pardon me?  


「もう一度」とい言葉は英語で one more time や once more で表現できます。   one more time once more 例文: もう一度やり直してください。 Please do it over again one more time. Please do it over again once more.

Thank you への返し方

I'm glad I could help. 役に立てて嬉しい。 Don't mention it. どういたしまして! My pleasure. 喜んで。 No need to thank me. お礼は要りません。 We're happy to help you. 喜んでお手伝いします。